This Blog

We love YA & Children’s fiction. For now, this blog is a place for us to talk about books – and anything else we love, really. The blog title “Elsewhere” came from the bookstore in the Bordertown series.

Not all of us have individual wordpress accounts, so sometimes we use the “elsewherebooks” account and include our names in the posts, instead.

Who We Are

Anusha is a bookseller who loves horror and paranormal fiction. It isn’t easy to scare her, though, so she’s a tough critic!

Ayesha is an ex-children’s bookseller who used to spend her breaks reading all the books she should be displaying. Because of this, she knows more about the books than any of the other staff! (according to Mari ^^)

Isabelle (reikitah) is a chemist on the outside but really she’s a hermit who spends too much of her time hiding under the blankets on her bed, daydreaming. She sought books out as an escape from reality.

Marisa (marineko) has been a bookseller for almost eight years now, and is a buyer for YA, SFF and Poetry. She reads mostly YA these days, and is on a mission to make sure her store has a good range of books featuring LGBT and POC teens. The reason she updates the most on this blog is because the posts are all cross-posted from her own book blog.

Sarah is a doctor currently practicing in Malacca. She likes reading YA “chick lit” and road trip novels best, but has been known to dip into paranormal and dystopian trilogies, “if they’re really good.”


Mailing List

The elsewhere mailing list, like our blog, is meant for Malaysians that are into YA and Children’s fiction. We share reviews/mini reviews here before they’re up on the blog, upcoming titles, and info on events and sales in KL. You can sign up for it here.

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