Review: Asylum by Madeleine Roux

review by ANUSHA

asylumJust like Say Her Name, another predictable story of an asylum turned into boarding school. Of course, there would not just be a bunch of curious kids trying to explore forbidden places but there would be someasylum ‘residents’ left behind too. Basically the story starts with sixteen years old recluse Dan Crawford who enrols in a summer programme for gifted students at the New Hampshire College Prep (NHCP). He hopes that he could make new friends that would understand his preferences but as always things do not go well for him. On the first day, he is assigned the same room with a weird roommate. Then, he finds a picture of a doctor with his eyes scratched out in his drawer that adds to the enigma.

Despite the unusual circumstances, Dan meets Abby and Jordan whom he could he relate to. With his group of friends firmly secured, Dan proceeds to explore his school’s basement for some clues on the picture that he had found and that is where the real trouble starts. Something is lurking in the basement and they had just unleashed it.  Suddenly, a murder occurs and Dan finds himself in the middle of a terrifying nightmare. He cannot remember important events as he had suffered blackouts during its occurrences. Furthermore, the school become a hunting ground for an elusive killer that even the police can’t catch.

To me, Asylum was just mediocre since the storyline were almost the same with some of the horror movies I had watched before. The author could have done better with the background story of the asylum and could have added more twists to the plots. Though the ending was a cliff hanger, I am not really looking forward for the sequel. Better luck next time Madeline Roux!


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