Review: Say Her Name by James Dawson

review by ANUSHA

853917When I read the synopsis of the book, I thought it was just another high school botched up Blood Mary story. I wondered if it was going to be a predictable ending. Good thing it wasn’t but then again the book still did not end well. However, the building of characters and the climax were great so I would still give it four stars.

Basically the story starts off with a shy high school girl named Roberta ‘Bobbie’ Rowe who on a dare utters the forbidden words five times together with her best friend Naya and her crush, Caine in front of the bathroom mirror. Nothing happens at first and everyone is disappointed at the outcome. However, Bobbie finds out later that she and her friends have only five days before they disappear forever.  Things become worse when she discovers a girl named Mary had disappeared at the school a long time ago and was feared dead. Many weird and frightening events occur as Bobbie becomes the centre of the horror that Mary unleashes. She had to find out what happened to Mary before her time is up.

I must say the story is full of ‘hairy’ moments and Dawson just loves the sound of water dripping. I guess he must have seen some of the Japanese horror flicks and was inspired by them. He also tried to end the book with a spine chilling moment as with all horror books but it somehow fell short. Though he did try to give a happier ending to his characters and Mary’s story was really interesting so I think Dawson managed to do a good job in the end. On the whole, the book makes a good read and sends a message to all young people who are curious about the occult; don’t mess with the supernatural if you don’t know what you are getting into.


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