Review: How To Love by Katie Cotugno

review by BELLE

ImageHave you ever had a bad day?  Or maybe a period in your life when you’re feeling low?  A time when you felt so tired of all the bad things that are happening to you and you just know that nothing you do is ever going to make it right again?  Well, I do too.  On days where my emotions are wearing thin and I have to work long hours, I just hated myself and all the choices I have made to get me into this situation.  I kept telling myself that if only I could turn back time, I would have made a different choice.  But then again, if I had never been through all the things I did, I would never be the person that I am now.  So if I was the same person that I was back then, most probably, or should I say, most definitely, I will make the same mistakes again.  So at times like this, when I just cannot bear to take it any longer, I picked up a book, crawl up in bed and start reading and engross myself in the life of another person to forget the reality that I belong in.

When I read How To Love, I was in the shoes of Reena Montero.  She is 18 with a baby daughter and she has no idea where her baby’s father is.  She used to dream about getting out of town, of travelling, or writing about travelling and she was nearly there.  Just a little bit more and she would have achieved it.  But everything turned into dust when she found out about her pregnancy.  She’s now working as a waitress at her family’s restaurant, taking courses at a college nearby and trying to just survive.  She now has someone who loves her and maybe, just maybe, she might be over Sawyer LeGrande.  But when he shows up again, her life takes a 360 degrees turn and she realises that she might not have everything under control after all.

To tell the truth, up until the end of the book, I really disliked Reena.  She knows what’s right from wrong but she still can’t control her actions and ended up hurting herself and everyone else around her.  She kept all her real feelings locked away and she never really tries to express herself.  To protect herself from being hurt, she puts up a wall around her heart and does not allow anyone to enter.  There are so many people in her life that she could have talked to, so many people who are willing to help her out but she pushed each one of them away, too proud and too steeped in misery to see that she was never alone.

I had a different outlook on my own life after I am done with the book. I see a little of myself in Reena. Everyone makes mistakes, so instead of being resentful, we should try dealing with it in a positive manner. And maybe, just maybe, we might find a silver lining somewhere along the way that would make our days a little bit more brighter.  Even if I didn’t find myself too fond of Reena, I really like this book.  So what if life gives you lemons?  Make some lemonade!

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