Review: The Kissing Booth by Beth Reekles

review by SARAH

ImageSo, I started reading this book because it sounded promising – a pretty & nice girl who, I might add, is also popular (wow) falls for the bad boy in town, who is (shock me shock me shock me) also her best friend’s older brother! Sounds like a YA book-turned-movie, right?

No. Just… no. Reekles is as her name suggests – she sorta reeks. This particular endeavour has all the toppings of a good pizza – alas, the dough is too sour and undercooked. While the characters have their stereotypical outlines panned out, there is just no substance to any of them. Why is Noah Flynn throwing punches left and right? Surely he can’t be that simple-minded  (think “me, Tarzan – you, Jane” here). Rochelle Evans (Elle or Shelly for short) is also written to be too fluffy.

Set in California, this particular 17-year-old girl also wears “jumpers” and occasionally trades in her short skirts for “trousers”. All the girls “chirped”, the boys are violence junkies, and the town’s teenagers get drunk and sleep around every weekend. The parents are absent, and when they do make an appearance they barely bat an eyelash at the fact that their daughter spent a whole night away from home. Aww, sweet suburbia!

Who would I recommend this to? 11 or 12-year-olds. This book would replace Sweet Valley Twins, although even Elizabeth and Jessica Wakefield had a larger personality than Ms. Rochelle Evans. – Sarah


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