Review: How to Be Bad by Lauren Myracle, Sarah Mlynowski and E. Lockhart

review by MARISA

ImageHow to be Bad is (1) told in three different voices by three YA authors I like; (2) a road trip story; and (3) a novel with three girls as its narrators and friendship as one of the themes. All things I usually liked in a book. Even so, my TBR stack was kind of monstrous, and I didn’t think I would bump it to the top of the stack until I just flipped to the first page, and continued reading instead of putting it back down.

Of the three girls, only Vicks and Jesse were actual friends, and had been so since childhood. But Jesse was a devout Christian, and Vicks was starting to get sick of Jesse’s holier-than-thou attitude. Jesse, on the other hand, had been feeling a little left behind ever since Vicks started spending more time with her boyfriend, and didn’t share as much as she used to. Mel was the new girl who tried to hard, desperate for friends. Put these three girls in a car together, and well. Drama.

I actually enjoyed this a lot. It’s definitely light reading, and it isn’t going to go into my absolute favourites list, but it’s a nice book, something fun to read when I need a break from my usual stuff. Each of the girls’ voices are quite distinct, and I liked that I could very easily imagine all of them in my head while reading. My favourite of the three is Mel, even if her story isn’t as compelling as Jesse’s. I’d recommend it as a fun road trip book! – Mari


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